Fader section.
Eight ALPS 60mm faders and eight push buttons, divided into 4 groups. By pressing shift and a group button you directly assign the 4 faders to the selected group. 32 different fader commands in total.

4 potentiometer knobs with four push buttons divided into 4 groups. 16 different commands in total.

Two shift buttons.
One on the lower and another one in the upper section. Use one hand for all double-functions.

Loop section.
Adjust the loop size, which will be shown by the display above. Two grey buttons for Loop Punch in and Loop Punch out to set loops intuitively. By pushing the encoder, you can toggle between Loop Move, Loop Out/In and Beatjump.

Pitch/Bend buttons.
Manually pitch or bend the current bpm time.

Hotcue section.
Direct access to eight cue points. Active and saved cue points will be shown by a green LED light. Set and store cue points directly on the fly or delete them by holding shift.


Master section.
Master clock, Tree and Favourite list with deck selection. System Mode easily allows you to assign any midi command by touching the dedicated controller, setting the midi channel and the midi note you desire as well as making any program change commands. Separate Midi out via the back of the controller.

FX assignments 1-4 for the current deck.

The V section.
Browse and change between views, load tracks, seek, play and have full control of your loops and effect assignments. The big Push-Encoder in the centre is for navigating through your current playlist or toggling between browser and performance view. Sync buttons are placed in the center.

Three push buttons.
The red one in the middle toggles between play and stop. The left button is dedicated to beat jump backwards and the right button activates the loop on and off. LED chain shows the current position of the playing song. The red light at the end indicates the end of the song.

Easy integration of external equipment any outboard gear that receives midi can be controlled
No USB hub needed both units are powered through one USB cable simultaneously
2 bus design USB and midi ports have their own separate bus routing
Master section with LED display master clock, deck assignment, tree and favourites list
Fader FX section 8 ALPS 60mm faders and 8 push buttons in 4 groups, 32 different commands in total
Potentiometer FX section 4 knobs and 4 push buttons in 4 groups, 16 different commands in total
FX assignments easily accessible push buttons with LEDs
Ergonomic layout »V« section browse and change between views, load tracks, seek & play
Loop section with LED display adjust loop size, intuitive looping, loop mode
8 hotcue buttons direct access to your most important cue points and loops
4 pitch/bend buttons allows you to manually pitch or nudge the current bpm time
3 push buttons quick access to beatjump (bwd), playback, loop active
2 shift buttons use one hand for all double-functions
LED bar shows the current position of the playing song
Compact design based on experience from years of being on the road and built with endurance in mind